Youth Enrichment Academy was formed in early 2020. Our goal is to help enrich the lives of each student and family we serve. We achieve this through our tutoring and mentoring platforms.

Our dedicated team works tirelessly to ensure that each student has the ability to learn in a way that is uniquely designed to their individual learning style and interest. And the best part...it is 100% FREE.

Successful mentoring programs balance the dueling needs of structure and flexibility. A level of formality is needed within the mentoring process, participant training, progress tracking, and communication to help the program run smoothly. Our mentors are equipped with the tools to actively ensure our 3 tier system can run smoothly by focusing on 6 key areas.

Your child’s school teaches them the academic skills needed to advance themselves. But what about everything else they need to know? There are all sorts of skills every child should know, some of them basic, while others are fairly complex. Through extensive research, Youth Enrichment Academy has developed a basic life skills course for each student of our tutoring and mentoring programs to complete.

Each week, Youth Enrichment Academy uploads a lesson on a particular life skill to our student's virtual classroom. Each student will see step by step instructions on the skill of the week, and be given an opportunity to work with their parents on performing and perfecting their new skill!

“Workforce development” is an essential component of community economic development in any economic climate, and certainly even more critical during the financial crises we’re experiencing today. Our Administration has studied and sought knowledge from the industries best in order to formulate a work force development plan that teaches teens how to prepare for employment, fill out on-boarding paperwork, file taxes, interview prep, and much more. We guide each student every step of the way to ensure maximum success!

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