Your child’s school teaches them the academic skills needed to advance themselves. But what about everything else they need to know? There are all sorts of skills every child should know, some of them basic, while others are fairly complex. Through extensive research, Youth Enrichment Academy has developed a basic life skills course for each student of our tutoring and mentoring programs to complete.

Each week, Youth Enrichment Academy uploads a lesson on a particular life skill to our student's virtual classroom. Each student will see step by step instructions on the skill of the week, and be given an opportunity to work with their parents on performing and perfecting their new skill! 

Life Skills Weekly Lessons

Week 1: Basic first-aid

Week 2: Laundry

Week 3: Basic clothes mending

Week 4: Proper communication skills/How to shake hands

Week 5: Minor home improvements

Week 6: Online security

Week 7: Basic budgeting (This comes with a $25 Check to start a savings account)

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