Special Needs Tutoring

Youth Enrichment Academy believes that each child deserves the same opportunity, that is uniquely catered to their individual needs. It is our belief that each student's education should be labeled as special. With our students that require a bit more attention to detail than others, we have designed a platform to further enrich their individuality in learning.


Our key focus areas are in music and voice inflection, multi-sensory strategies, auditory and tactile learning. Based upon the students diagnosed condition, we customize a learning plan that is inclusive with students, the parents and teachers. We approach each task with patience, flexibility, and creativity to maximize each student's ability to succeed.


Similar to our tutoring platform, we identify each student's passion and purpose and create a thematic instructional plan focused on keeping each student interest level peaked. Ultimately through consistency and persistence, our goal is to meet the student where they are, not to force them to meet us at our level. 

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